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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Abundance versus Scarcity

I used to believe that success was defined by achievement. I admired those who achieved degrees and titles because those things seemed to be what people celebrated.

The older I get, the more I have come to realize how no achievement matters if you think in terms of scarcity. If you believe that everything is a competition and everyone threatens your success, you will spend your life manipulating and strategizing to keep people down.

Those who make it their life’s work to elevate themselves by stepping on others might succeed in obtaining power and status but they'll eventually find themselves in a lonely existence.

Because in the end, titles fall away and power diminishes and what is left is the person you are — not the position or degree you’ve achieved. What becomes most important is the way you have treated people along the way.

So perhaps our greatest achievements and the legacy we leave lies in what we give instead of what we take.

Kindness matters.


DHD Photography said...

Great leaders create great leaders. They have no fear of losing power, influence, or control. They don't expect failure. They accept it, learn from it, and move on to success.

Kristen Ziman said...


Mickey Addison said...

Well said! Leadership is a responsibility, not a perk. We share similar views on leadership, looking forward to reading more from you!

Tyler B said...

I totally agree with what you have to say about leadership and success. I myself find it hard when trying to achieve certain things not to look at the titles or degree i will have as my end goal. It's important that you are a good person and not just someone who would step on someone else to get to a certain "title". It's important to lead by example and do the right thing in life, especially since i want to pursue a career in law enforcement this is something that i will make an effort to follow later down the line. Giving is better then taking.

Anonymous said...

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